DerbyWheel President’s Open Message to Cyclists Around the World

Captured for the archives: the text of DerbyWheel president Hyun Do-jung’s letter dated 1 March 2024, posted on the homepage of the DerbyWheel website.

Dear Riders,

​An Open Message to Cyclists Around the World

As you may know DerbyWheel Pro Keirin is a new open global professional racing event.

DerbyWheel has formed a global athlete pool centered on track cyclists from around the world. Over 500 riders from Oceana, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas totaling 40 countries have initially registered to take part in DerbyWheel Pro Keirin races. The content of DerbyWheel races will be globally broadcast to traditional professional sport outlets which includes legally established betting companies.

Collectively in Korea and Japan, Pro Keirin races with betting has been organized for over 100 years and even up to today has been fully accepted by the UCI as an authorized race. The Organizers of Pro Keirin in Korea and Japan also directly operate the betting on Pro Keirin races in their respective countries.

While DerbyWheel is organizing Pro Keirin races globally, DerbyWheel does not operate the betting on DerbyWheel Pro Keirin races. DerbyWheel merely provides its Pro Keirin race content to betting companies for reasonable compensation. This is the same situation for betting on most professional sports around the globe.

DerbyWheel is a wonderful additional opportunity for cyclists to race. DerbyWheel does not expect cyclists to participate exclusively in DerbyWheel races. If a cyclist belongs to a recognized Team, DerbyWheel respects your priority must be to participate in races as a member of that Team. However, at other times you can consult with DerbyWheel to schedule your participation in DerbyWheel races. In other words, DerbyWheel is just a great gift in a cyclist’s life, a terrific bonus!

Since June of 2022 DerbyWheel Pro Keirin has been seeking a coexistence with the UCI to be an authorized race the same as Pro Keirin in Japan and Korea with the exception that DerbyWheel is not the operator of the betting. Despite DerbyWheel’s best efforts, in December 2023 UCI has unfortunately classified DerbyWheel as a forbidden race with the reason for the so called lack of necessary information.

DerbyWheel respects the role of the UCI and has provided all the information requested by the UCI to receive authorization in some manner and not be classified as a forbidden race. DerbyWheel continues to communicate with the UCI leadership seeking the best path that will lead to a co-existence with the UCI. DerbyWheel is doing its best to make it happen in order to boom up world track cycle racing together with the UCI.

DerbyWheel held Inductions in Australia, Korea and the UK this past December and January with over 350 eager riders participating with enthusiasm and in absolute support of the upcoming DerbyWheel Pro Keirin races. As a result of the three DerbyWheel inductions we have secured around 300 DerbyWheel riders firstly, and confidently moving forward with organizing the DerbyWheel Pro Keirin Test Exhibition April 26-28, 2024 in Newport, Wales. This will be followed by the DerbyWheel Pro Keirin regular season starting the second half of 2024.

Let us all work together to truly launch DerbyWheel Pro Keirin to boost track cycling activity, interest and popularity. We are all winners in this endeavor and will be the beneficiaries!

Thank you.​

DJ Hyun
DerbyWheel Incorporated