DerbyWheel’s 2022 promotional video

From the archives… trawling YouTube, we found this promotional video, uploaded in October 2022, explaining DerbyWheel’s plans to a charmingly cheesy musical backing. Who’s ready for K-Pop, B-Boy and taekwondo performances, as your intermission entertainment? This is certainly not cycling like we’re used to!

Derbywheel Promotion Video E2210

The video is the only one uploaded by the associated account, which uses the name Park Eun-cheol and has a username of random characters. DerbyWheel have said ‘every single race’ will be streamed on YouTube; but there’s no suggestion that it will be from this account, so don’t subscribe to it quite yet.

(If anyone can direct us to the full list of the 10 greatest inventions of mankind, other than ‘The Cycle’, Global Keirin is very curious…)