DerbyWheel confirms test event delay

Edits to the DerbyWheel website have confirmed Global Keirin‘s report that the test event proposed for Newport on 26-28 April has been postponed.

References to the April dates on the Calendar page, and in DerbyWheel president DJ Hyun’s ‘open message to cyclists around the world’ were changed to ‘1st half of 2024’ – which we interpret to mean: no later than 30 June.

References to Newport as the location of the test event, and the intention to begin regular-season competition in the ‘2nd half of 2024’ remain unchanged.

Global Keirin notes that a UK sprint open has now been announced for the Newport track on 26 May. Organisers Black Line were known to be considering claiming the slot held for DerbyWheel on 26-28 April, having struggled to secure a booking this year, but riders indicated that a later date would be preferable. The date in late May became available soon after.

DerbyWheel organisers took the opportunity to update some of the statistics in the president’s message. Following the organisation of a fourth induction session, held in Uijeongbu, Korea on 9 April, DerbyWheel now says 380 riders have completed induction (up from 350), with ‘around over 350’ now secured.