UCI confirms Paris Olympic places and reserves

Picture by Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com

We are another step closer to knowing who will compete at the Paris Olympics, with confirmation from the UCI of the quota places (PDF). And to sighs of relief across the world’s cycling media, it validates the calculations which circulated online last week.

The sprint and keirin allocations are as follows:

  • Men: Australia (2), Canada (2), China (2), Colombia (1), France (2), Germany (2), Great Britain (2), Israel (2), Japan (2), Lithuania (1), Malaysia (2), Netherlands (2), New Zealand (1), Poland (1), South Africa (1), Suriname (2), Thailand (1), Trinidad & Tobago (2).
  • Women: Australia (2), Belgium (2), Canada (2), China (2), Colombia (2), Egypt (1), France (2), Germany (2), Great Britain (2), Italy (2), Japan (2), Malaysia (1), Mexico (2), Netherlands (2), New Zealand (2), Poland (2).

Nations now have until 6 May to confirm their intention to take up their allocated places.

The UCI has also published the rankings of reserve places, by which any unclaimed places will be offered.

  • Men’s Sprint: Colombia, Hungary, Czechia, New Zealand, Chinese Taipei
  • Men’s Keirin: Kazakhstan, Czechia, Poland, South Africa, Chinese Taipei
  • Women’s Sprint: USA, Malaysia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czechia
  • Women’s Keirin: Spain, Czechia, Hong Kong, Korea, USA