Updated equipment list hints at a more modern keirin spectacle

New details of the approved DerbyWheel race equipment have been revealed through an update to the organisation’s Race Manual, published online in recent days.

The new document uses the newer red logo, and develops the brand further, with much stronger visuals and various red devices. We’re impressed.

In addition to Dolan’s Alpina and Novacorona’s Ares handlebars, complementing the two companies’ approved frames we previously covered, riders may opt for Velobike’s track sprint bars. All options are available in super narrow widths, in keeping with recent trends towards more compact cockpits.

Riders will be using FFWD Ryot track wheels, with 77mm carbon rims, fitted with Vittoria Pista Control tubular tyres. These are markedly deeper wheels than in Japanese and Korean racing, giving the bikes a much more modern appearance.

Similarly, DerbyWheel has selected a more modern helmet design than is seen in Japan and Korea. They have chosen HJC’s Furion, described by the Korea-based manufacturer as ‘semi aero’. DerbyWheel’s list only mentions the white model; we have seen no mention of coloured helmet covers.

Chainrings, chains and cogs must be from RK Takasago, a Japanese company with a history in bicycle component manufacturing dating back to the 1940s, although it is best known these days for its involvement in motorcycle racing.

SRM’s PM9 Science power cranks will be mandatory, in crank lengths from 160 to 175mm. SRM claims it is ‘the world’s most accurate power meter, period’, with accuracy of +/- 0.5%, up to a maximum 4000 watts. Riders will use Shimano SPD SL pedals, either Dura Ace or Ultegra.

Riders will be required to purchase their own set of 7 numbered race jerseys, in the traditional colours; no manufacturer has yet been named. Kit will be personalised with rider nicknames.

It all adds up to a much more modern-feeling proposition, likely to have greater appeal to a new international audience with no connection to keirin’s 75-year traditions.