Manchester website reports from inside January’s induction

DerbyWheel CEO James Pope interviewed at Manchester induction (Mancunian Matters)

Local Manchester news website Mancunian Matters went inside track centre for January’s DerbyWheel induction at the UK’s National Cycling Centre.

The video, published a few months later, includes interviews with DerbyWheel CEO James Pope, and prospective DerbyWheel competitor Lewis Oliva.

Referencing the continuing stalemate with the UCI, Pope said: ‘Our mission is to enable riders to race, and earn a living doing it, but we also want them to continue with their ambitions to race for the national team, national championships, world championships, Olympic Games.

‘We are there to complement those objectives, as well as provide a full-time job for any riders that are outside of the national system.

‘We want to create a global community around pro keirin racing. We want to celebrate the Japanese and Korean racing, but also DerbyWheel, and lots of other keirin racing that goes on around the world.’