Former Canadian champion Lizanne refuses to retire

Two-time Canadian keirin champion Lizanne Wilmot, bacon_bitzz on Instagram has confirmed to Global Keirin that she is signed up to DerbyWheel – and will be bringing a freshly painted pink Dolan DF4 to Newport in April.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Lizanne won Canadian national keirin titles in 2015 and 2018. She is also a five-time Australian champion penny farthing racer – and in July 2023, she claimed the women’s Hour Record for a penny farthing, setting world-best times for 10 and 20km along the way.

‘I’m not ready to retire just yet,’ she told Global Keirin. ‘I’ve been joking about retirement since I won my first title in 2015. DerbyWheel is an opportunity to extend my racing, get those dopamine highs from pinning a number on, travel the world, and earn some cash!’

Now aged 38, Lizanne sees herself as ‘that rider’ that the faster riders need to beat, in order to progress in a competition. ‘I need to make it hard for them so they become better riders,’ she says.

‘I love that I get to push so many up and coming, and even established riders. That’s what keeps me going.’

Bright pink bikes have been something of a trademark for Lizanne for many years; and she hasn’t allowed Dolan’s lack of a stock pink option to break the streak.

She will be riding Kirby, a custom-painted fluoro hot pink frame, finished with midnight purple graphics, courtesy of a local paint shop. Even in a colourful bunch of keirin jerseys, it will be hard to miss.