Late change of visual branding for DerbyWheel ahead of launch event?

Recent communications from DerbyWheel organisers appear to indicate a change of visual identity, just a few weeks before the series showcase event in Newport, Wales.

The open letter from DerbyWheel president DJ Hyun, dated 1 March carried a new logo, featuring a heavily stylized DW with a red gradient colouring.

The same logo has also been seen in screenshots of acceptance emails posted by prospective DerbyWheel competitors like Tomas Babek. It also features as the company logo on its LinkedIn profile.

It appears to replace the previous blue branding, which remains on the website, and featured prominently in signage and photography from the company’s induction events in December 2023 and January 2024.

It also differs from the DW initials seen on mocked-up jerseys displayed at the induction events.